Halifax, UK based Broadbent Stanley have recently supplied and installed another Yorky Type ‘O’ Oil Tool Grinder in the Middle East.

Capable of grinding all types of ‘down hole’ oil tools, this particular application called for the full CNC Yorky model, and will primarily be utilised for the regrinding of stabilisers up to 42” (1066mm) in diameter x 144” (3.6M) long, fishing tools, cross-over shoes and reamers.

The innovative, purpose designed and built Yorky Type ‘O’ is the world’s leading Oil Tool Grinder aimed by both OEM and repair shops and is available in both semi-automatic and full CNC operation, with the latter utilising the powerful, easy to use, Fanuc Oi controller. In addition to the above mentioned drilling tools, the Yorky is also capable of grinding drill pipe up to 12 metres (472”) in length along with hydroclean bars and other associated equipment.