Large capacity combined with high accuracy from Radar’s RAL series of Vertical Turning Lathes

BROADBENT STANLEY through its strategic agency agreement with Radar Industrial can supply, support and service its full range of CNC VTLs to customers throughout the UK and Ireland, Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.
Three machines – six variants – one powerful solution for your large capacity turning (and milling, drilling and grinding) requirements.

The Radar RAL series of VTLs deliver uncompromising machining capability for turning, milling, drilling and grinding large components. Through use of advanced design concepts Radar has created a series of machines that deliver efficient and accurate machining that takes
the VTL to the next level.

A partnership for productivity…
With the strategic agency agreement with Broadbent Stanley, customers can now call on almost 150 years of experience in the machine tool sector and draw on Broadbent Stanley’s extensive applications knowledge and high levels of customer service.

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