Vertical Turning CNC Lathes

Broadbent Stanley’s range of CNC lathes incorporates all the benefits of the formation bringing together the two world-class names of Broadbent and Stanley. Both have over 100 years of history, designing and manufacturing specialist machine tools for a wide range of industries.

The SC range of manual Vertical Turning CNC Lathes are of a heavy-duty, cast iron construction designed for both ‘one-off and series production. Table sizes range from 1450mm diameter to 4000mm with a max swing up to 4250mm and turning heights up to 3100mm.

The RAL series of CNC Vertical Turning Lathes delivers uncompromising machining capability for turning, milling, drilling, and grinding large components. Through the use of advanced design concepts, the RAL series has been created to deliver efficient and accurate machining that takes the vertical turning lathe to the next level.

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